The Dems Are As Bad As the GOP

I’ve been criticizing the GOP for making birth control an issue, for taking women back to when they lacked equal rights and opportunities, for appearing determined to run on a “barefoot and pregnant” platform in 2012.

But I’m not real thrilled with the Dems either.  They are just as stuck in the past when it comes to Social Security, employer-based health care, and Medicare.

We all recognize that this country became great and powerful from innovation and embracing the future, from moving west to the Pacific and out into space.

Then why stay stuck on Social Security that dates to 1932, on health insurance that originated in 1943 as a way to evade wartime wage-and-price controls, on Medicare that passed in 1965?

America and the world are different than they were in the 1930’s, 1940’s, and 1960’s.  Why cling so stubbornly and rigidly to models that worked for a time, but now threaten our prosperity and our future?

When we got employer-based health care, factories were desperate to replace workers because millions of men were fighting overseas.  We’re not exactly desperate to replace workers today.  And as for factories — what factories?

The GOP is sliding backwards, the Dems are stuck in the New Deal and the Great Society.  Who will get America out of the mud and back on the road?