I’m Having a Really Good Day

Michael Steinberg of SAC has been found guilty of insider trading.  I’d love to see Steve Cohen himself making license plates, but I’ll take this.

And the Virginia race for attorney general is finally over, with Dem Mark Herring the official winner and right-wing nut job Mark (“Report Your Miscarriage to the Police”) Obenshain the official loser.  Purple Virginia now looks bright blue  — the governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, and both senators are all Dems.

Hoping Herring Isn’t Fishy

Democrat Mark Herring has been named the winner of Virginia’s race for attorney general — by a whopping 165 votes out of more than two million cast.

But far-right nut job Mark Obenshain can request a recount.  As a state legislator, he introduced a bill requiring women to report miscarriages to their local police or face a year in jail.

UPDATE — Obenshain has requested a recount.

Crazy, Crazier, Craziest

Virginia’s crazy GOP attorney general, Ken Cuccinelli, is running for governor, and I’d just assumed that Virginia’s next attorney general would inevitably be saner.

Silly me…

Meet the GOP’s nominee to replace Cuccinelli, state senator Mark Obenshain.  In 2009, he proposed a bill that would require women to report a miscarriage to local or state police within 24 hours, or face up to a year in jail and a $2500 fine.  So now what — you have to turn yourself in to the police when your period is late?

Wouldn’t this guy be better suited for attorney general in, oh, I don’t know, Iran, North Korea?  A galaxy far, far away?

Could the EPA please check the water in Virginia because something is very f***ed up there?