Snowden to Putin: Never Mind

Edward Snowden has withdrawn his request for asylum in Russia, after Putin said he could stay only if he stopped leaking (except, of course, to Putin’s FSB).   On the other hand, Putin won’t turn him over to the U. S.

Snowden has reached out to about 20 other countries.  No takers, so far.  Some of those countries will consider a request only if you are already on their soil.

If Snowden had a plan when he fled to Hong Kong, it wasn’t a very good one.

Snowden to Venezuela?

It’s looking more and more unlikely that Edward Snowden will go to Ecuador, but Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is headed to Russia for a visit, and there are rumors that he may take Snowden back with him.

Snowden has been staying at hotels near the Moscow airport, he’s not stuck in a plastic seat in the transit area lounge.