When Is a Supreme Court Loss Actually a Win?

Law professor Peter J. Spiro has a very interesting “briar patch” take on tough state immigration laws and the Supreme Court:*

“Such laws [Arizona’s S.B. 1070 and similar laws in Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and Indiana] are misguided at best, mean-spirited and racially tainted at worst.  The conventional wisdom among immigration advocates is that immigrant interests will be best served if the Supreme Court makes an example of Arizona’s law by striking it down.

“But in the long run, immigrant interests will be better helped if the Supreme Court upholds S. B. 1070.  Laws like Arizona’s are such bad policy that, left to their own devices, they will die a natural death — and their supporters will suffer the political consequences.

“Undocumented immigrants may themselves be politically powerless, but they have powerful allies.  In Alabama and Georgia, dismayed farmers have watched crops rot in the fields for want of immigrant labor. Arizona is estimated to have lost more than $140 million from convention cancellations made in protest.

“Even more important is the prospect of lost foreign investment.  Caught in the net of Alabama’s law in November was a German Mercedes-Benz executive, who left his passport at home while out for a drive and as a result found himself in a county jail.  Mercedes has a plant in Tuscaloosa that employs thousands of Alabamans and adds many hundreds of millions  of dollars to the state economy.  That embarrassment will make the next foreign company think twice as it scouts out a location for a manufacturing facility in the United States.”

*  “Let’s Arizona’s Law Stand,” NYT

The Taliban Are Here

As part of the GOP’s war on women, Republican-controlled states (Oklahoma, Kansas, Arizona) have, or are moving towards, outrageous laws destroying the doctor-patient relationship.  These laws say that if a doctor withholds information about known birth defects in order to prevent you from having an abortion, you can’t sue him for malpractice!  So you can’t trust your own doctor to tell you what he knows about your pregnancy.  It’s none of your business!

Even though early tests are now available, if there’s devastating news, you won’t discover it in time to exercise your constitutional right to terminate, you’ll find out in the delivery room.  Surprise!  Who needs science, when we have religion?

We’re so busy fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan that we don’t seem to realize we have our own Taliban problem here at home.

Was Jan Brewer Drunk When She Confronted the President?

From “Did Tipsy Arizona Governor Wag Finger in President’s Face?” by David Keller, Examiner.com:

“The Governor was photographed poking her finger in the President’s face, while she appeared to be yelling at him.  …  [F]or those familiar with Brewer’s reputed struggles with, shall we say a wee bit of ‘overindulgence’ it comes as no surprise.

“One can understand how the mainstream media considers waving a finger in the face of the President unseemly, especially for a public official, like say a Governor.  The problem is most of the mainstream media is unaware Governor Brewer’s nickname around the state capital is Otis, a reference to the town drunk from Mayberry.”  Emphasis added.

If this is true, someone really messed up in allowing a drunk governor to confront President Obama.  The Secret Service should have been alerted and kept her away from him.

I remember that video of her totally spacing out for a long, awkward time and then bizarrely laughing during a gubernatorial debate.  I wonder if she was drunk then.