The Silent Treatment

Mitt is responding to conservatives’ outcry over his spokesperson Andrea Saul’s touting of Romneycare with total silence.  No explanation whether it was a mistake or was purposeful.  I guess it’s hard to say whether or not Saul was off-message when the Romney campaign really doesn’t seem to have a message these days, other than he’s white and he’s not Obama.

Rush Limbaugh called Saul’s comments a “potential gold mine” for Obama.

Ann Coulter on Hannity said that no one should donate money to Mitt until Saul is fired.  It was fun watching Sean trying to hush her — she who will not be hushed.

It’s never good when your campaign is at a complete loss for words, cowed into silence by your own side.

How Desperate Is Mitt?

So desperate that he’s using horse-faced harpy Ann Coulter in his Iowa ads.

Having been spurned by her true love Chris Christie, Coulter has resigned herself to a rebound relationship with Mitt.  Talk about politics and strange bed-fellows…

Coulter is kind of a female Dick Morris, she just wants money and attention, and will say anything, the more outrageous the better, to get them.