Why Are Conservatives Making a Crazy Criminal a Hero?

“Pretty soon, there was an armed standoff as men with guns assembled around the ranch. The BLM people wisely backed off, and there was a great cock-a-doodle-do’ing all over the right, because Cliven Bundy’s inalienable right to get something for nothing from the rest of us had been upheld with Second Amendment enthusiasm. Bear in mind that Bundy’s entire position is that he can not pay his bills, and that he can ignore a federal judge, because he feels the federal government is illegitimate. … This is conservatism — and, therefore, Republicanism — playing footsie with sedition. This is not the first time, either.

“Republican politicians, especially in the west, have slow-danced with the militia movement for quite some time. A Republican congresswoman named Helen Chenoweth was so close to the movement that, after Timothy McVeigh blew up the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City, she pronounced herself upset that the government had failed truly to understand the militia movement.

“In the states, the Republican party has embraced the traditional historical basis for this movement, having actively discussed — and, in some cases, tried to implement — the doctrine of nullification. This, of course, was the fundamental theoretical basis for the greatest act of sedition of all time, and one for which too many people seem overly nostalgic these days. The difference between the present moment, and the days when Helen Chenoweth was riding the range, of course, is the fact that there is a powerful and loud right-wing media infrastructure at the disposal of the people peddling this constitutional poison. Americans For Prosperity jumped right on the Bundy case. Of course, AFP — and the Koch brothers who fund it — isn’t in this for airy philosophical debates on the role of government. They’re in it to break the control of the federal government over the lands that they want to exploit for their own profit, and they are willing to help engage the single most destructive political theory in the country’s history to help them do it. It is reckless and dangerous, and anybody who gets used by these people is a sap. And useful idiots, like Sean Hannity and all the someones like him, are going to get somebody killed behind this stuff.”

“Range War in Nevada,” Charles P. Pierce, Esquire

I get party differences over abortion, gay marriage, taxing and spending, etc.  But why shouldn’t D’s and R’s agree that a man who refuses to pay his grazing fees is a criminal and should be punished, not celebrated?  I thought the GOP was supposed to be the “law and order” party.  Why are they all freaked out about food stamp fraud, but don’t want this guy to pay the million bucks he owes?

GOP Strategy: Avoid and Refrain

“And so, the GOP strategy …  is to show that the party is ‘ready to govern’ simply by avoiding destructive and chaotic governing crises while refraining from trying to pass ‘major bills,’ because GOP policies are unpopular and Republicans can’t unite behind solutions in any case.”

Greg Sargent, the Plum Line at WaPo

So the GOP has nothing — except those millions and millions in ads from the Koch Brothers’ Americans for Prosperity that are already slamming incumbent Dems.

GOP Will Show Us the Money

GOP Super PACs and related groups are planning to spend $1 billion between now and November to fight for the White House and Congress.*  That’s not including Mitt’s campaign and the Republican National Committee, which expect to throw another $800 million into the pot.

Groups related to our friends the Koch Brothers, like Americans for Prosperity, had planned to spend $200 million, but, what the heck, they’ve decided to increase it to $400 million.  That money will be spent convincing Americans to vote against their own economic interests and for the interests of billionaires instead.  If you’re a middle class American, things do not go better with Koch.

Karl Rove’s groups American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS are expected to spend $300 million.  Now he’s an Evil Genius with overflowing coffers, definitely a dangerous combination.

Where does this leave President Obama and the Dems?  Outspent by two to one.

* “GOP groups plan $1 billion blitz,” Mike Allen and Jim VanderHei, Politico

The Koch Brothers Owe George Orwell Royalties

The Koch Brothers’ front group Americans for Prosperity is having a summit this weekend called “Defending the American Dream,” which should be called “Destroying the American Dream.”

The Koch Brothers are doing their utmost to eradicate upward mobility and eliminate fundamental fairness in this country.  Oh, and destroy the environment along the way, so our kids won’t just be poorer, they’ll be unhealthier as well.

The Koch Brothers are pulling the strings of their ignorant puppet, Herman Cain, who is speaking at the summit today.

Mitt “I’m Also Unemployed” Romney is appearing as well.  I guess he will offer his considerable expertise on raping companies and eliminating jobs.

Rudy “9/11, 9/11, 9/11” Giuliani will also be there, offering advice on how to profit from the next terrorist attack, so you too can buy a co-op on the Upper East Side and a McMansion in the Hamptons.

It is disgusting that these people whom America has given so much are devoting their lives to defecating on her.