Imagine you’re shopping at the grocery store.  You’re almost eight months along in your pregnancy with your third child.  Suddenly you’re arrested by the local government and, after being imprisoned for four days, taken to a hospital where you’re given a shot to cause an abortion.  You go into labor and hope the baby will somehow be born alive.  But hours later you deliver a dead baby, whose body is all black and blue.

This happened to Pan Chunyan in the province of Fujian, China, last April.*

Despite having to listen to Mittens singing “America the Beautiful” and lying about the President, we don’t have it so bad.

Actually, we have it better than any other people in the history of the world.  And we will even if Mittens wins.


* “Pressure Grows in China to End One-Child Law,” Edward Wong, NYT

Something Left and Right Can and Should Agree On

In the NYT Book Review, Jonathan Freedland reviews Strategic Vision by Zbigniew Brzezinski and The World America Made by Robert Kagan.  He notes that while Brzezinski approaches the topic of America’s supposed decline from the left and Kagan from the right, there is much they agree on:

“And yet the greatest surprise is how much they agree with each other, especially on what matters.  They both insist that reports of America’s decline are exaggerated.  Both note that the United States still accounts for a quarter of the world’s gross domestic product, a proportion that has held steady for more than 40 years.  Both note America’s military strength, with a budget greater than than of all its rivals combined.  As Brzezinski puts it, on every measure ‘America is still peerless.'”


Steve Jobs and Sarah Palin

Two significant deaths today — Steve Jobs’ physical death and Sarah Palin’s political death.  They are bookends, he representing the best of America, with its boundless opportunity for the talented to make our society better, she representing the worst of America, with its concomitant opportunity for the untalented to make our society worse.  They are the light and dark sides of our freedom.

RIP, Mr. Jobs.  Good riddance, Ms. Palin.