Maybe He Should Write It on His Hand

Mitt doesn’t know what his own immigration policy is.  In an interview with far-right web site Newsmax, Mittens said illegals who come here as children should be able to gain permanent status if they serve in the military or have advanced degrees.  This “advanced degrees” criterion was new and initially seemed to signal a more illegal-friendly policy change.  But his campaign quickly yanked back the leash and said ix-nay on the advanced degrees deal.

Let’s cut him some slack.  When you flip flop as much as he does on just about every issue, it’s not easy to keep track of what’s the policy du jour.

Obama Best for Independence Day

And by Independence Day, I don’t mean the event next week, I mean the movie.

A new National Geographic poll (done in conjunction with their new series “Chasing UFOs”) found that almost 65% believe that President Obama would handle an alien invasion better than Mitt.  Aliens meaning extra-terrestrials, not Mexicans.

I find this interesting, given that so often in his off-the-cuff comments Mitt sounds like a Conehead.