A-Rod and Others Suspended

A-Rod has been suspended through 2014.  He is expected to appeal, and that process will take 2-4 weeks.

He is eligible to return for the 2015 season, when he will be almost 40 years old and have about $60 million left on his contract.  At that point, I expect it will be about retiring as physically unable to play, so that he can get his money.  Any games that he plays with the Yankees while his appeal is considered are most likely the last of his professional career.

Twelve other players were suspended for 50 games each, and none of them will appeal.

A-Rod Latest

The latest on A-Rod is that he will be suspended tomorrow, probably through the 2014 season, but that he CAN play while he appeals his suspension.

So right now he’s in the lineup for tomorrow night in Chicago, and I may have to eat my blog — not quite sure how to do that — for predicting that he’d never play for the Yanks again.

Of course, we are talking A-Rod here, so until he’s in the batter’s box and a pitch is actually thrown in his direction, who the hell knows?


He Can Always Buy a Ticket

A-Rod says he’s flying to Chicago for the Yankees’ game Monday against the White Sox.

I think the only way he gets in to Cellular Field is if he buys a ticket.

He asked MLB for further negotiations today, and they told him to take a hike.  He asked the Yankees for a meeting about his contract, and they told him the same.

It is of course fitting that A-Rod be in Chicago, home of the 1919 Black Sox, when his suspension is finally handed down.