Good for Her

The NYT reports that since she learned of her husband’s affair with Paula Broadwell, Holly Petraeus has not missed a day of work at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, where she leads the Office of Servicemember Affairs.

Elizabeth Warren recruited Mrs. Petraeus for the job, given her previous experience helping military families at the Better Business Bureau.

Will Petraeus Lose Wife As Well As CIA Job?

The Daily Mail reports that David Petraeus’ wife Holly is threatening divorce over his admitted affair with Paula Broadwell.  The anonymously sourced story says that she is suspicious that he also had an affair with Jill Kelley, which he denies.

The article says that she “keeps demanding to know how many other women he has cheated on her with.”

They have been married since 1974 and have a son and daughter.

And Gloria Allred Joins the Party!

I guess we should have seen this coming — Gloria Allred is now representing Jill Kelley’s twin sister, Natalie Khawam, in the Paula Broadwell-Gen. Petraeus-Gen. Allen scandal.

Both Gen. Petraeus and Gen. Allen wrote letters in support of Natalie in her custody battle with her ex, Grayson Wolfe, or, as I call him, Gray Wolfe.

Sicko Paula Broadwell Threatened to Make Jill Kelley Go Away

The New York Daily News reports that Jill Kelley believed Paula Broadwell was threatening her life:

The menacing emails sent by David Petraeus’ ex-mistress to a Florida socialite promised to make the apparent rival “go away” and boasted of her friends in high places, the Daily News has learned.

The notes Paula Broadwell sent to Jill Kelley were far more sinister than previously reported and seemed like the rantings of someone “clearly unhinged,” a close friend of Kelley told The News Monday.
“This wasn’t just a catfight. Any normal person who got emails like that would have immediately called the police,” said the friend.
She said Kelley read her the emails when she called, panic-stricken and seeking advice in the days before the scandal became a stunning public spectacle and led to Petraeus’ resignation as CIA director.
The friend, who did not want to be identified, said Kelley saw the emails as death threats, specifically one in which Broadwell vowed to “make you go away.”
In other emails, Broadwell, a West Point graduate, touted her military background in a threatening manner and boasted of having “powerful” friends.
“This wasn’t just a case of cyber-bullying,” the friend said. “(Kelley) was scared for her life. She had reason to be. These emails are the real thing. When she read them to me, I literally had the shivers.

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Paula Broadwell at Harvard — “Self-Promoter”

From “Broadwell fell short of aims at Harvard,” Callum Borchers, Bryan Bender, and Tracy Jan, Boston Globe:

One of Broadwell’s former professors at Harvard described her as a self-promoter who would routinely show up at office hours.

“It was very much, ‘I’m here and you’re going to know I’m here,’ ” said the professor, who did not want to be identified because of the sensitivity of ongoing investigations. “She was not someone you would think of as a critical thinker. I don’t remember anything about her as a student. I remember her as a personality.”

The professor said when Petraeus chose Broadwell to write his biography, there was shock among the national security faculty at Harvard because “she just didn’t have the background — the academic background, the national security background, or the writing background.”

Jill Kelley Tried to Get $80 Million from Petraeus Connection

Jill Kelley is the Tampa woman whom Paula Broadwell warned to stay away from her lover, Gen. Petraeus.  Everything unraveled when Kelley went to the FBI about Broadwell’s emails.  Now we learn that Kelley tried to cash in big-time from her friendship with Petraeus.

From “Jill Kelley, key figure in David Petraeus scandal, led lavish life,” Shashank Bengali, David Cloud, Joseph Tanfani, L A Times:

At the Republican National Convention in Tampa in August, New York energy entrepreneur Adam Victor was introduced to [Jill] Kelley. She was described as “a very close friend of Gen. Petraeus,” who had helped Kelley become South Korea’s honorary consul.

Victor, who was looking to establish a major coal project in South Korea, invited Kelley to New York in mid-September. There, she again played up her Petraeus ties. Victor then flew Kelley to Hawaii to meet with a South Korean delegation to help pave the way for negotiations.

But then, Victor said, Kelley asked for 2% of the gross cost of the project for her compensation. Informed that would mean a fee of about $80 million, Kelley persisted until Victor ended the relationship. An industry standard compensation would be no more than $1 million, Victor said.

“It was such an astronomical figure that it suggested she had no experience in negotiating these types of deals,” Victor said. “Gen. Petraeus had a lapse in judgment in using his influence to put her in that position.”

Don’t Vote for the Narcissist

Frank Bruni has a wonderful column in today’s NYT, “A Shared State of Defeat,” about Newtie and Edwards:

“At one point toward the end of last week, as each of them mustered stoic faces for sorry fates, John Edwards and Newt Gingrich were only a few dozen miles apart.  Edwards sat mutely in a courtroom in Greensboro, N.C., where his breathtaking deceptions in the service of his towering ambitions were laid bare for the world, which watched raptly, but not in admiration.

“Gingrich shuffled pointlessly through a zoo in Asheboro, N.C., a peacock with faded plumage, still preening and still campaigning, though the attentions of most reporters and the affections of most voters had moved on.

“Beware the extreme narcissist.  Although he may radiate a seductive confident, he can justify and forgive himself for just about anything, given his belief in his own exalted purpose.  He’ll lose sense of the line between boldness and recklessness.

“What once drew so many people to Edwards and to Gingrich?  Both men had an exaggerated and infectious certainty about them. … It is the kind of thing that assuages a voter’s anxieties.

“It is also the kind of thing that arises from vanity on a scale well beyond the political norm.  Gingrich spoke of himself in ludicrously grandiose terms.  Edwards charted the size of his crowds and the volume of their applause the way a day trader watches the Dow.

“When you’re that wholly in thrall to your own heady promise, you exempt yourself from rules, absolve yourself of hypocrisy and persuade yourself that you’ll get away with it.  And so Gingrich, pressed for the impeachment of a philandering president despite his own continuing adultery, made his partner in adultery his third wife, and then preached traditional values with her on this arm.

“It was almost inevitable that he cheated:  someone as intent on affirmation as Gingrich — or Edwards — isn’t likely to remain content with the knowing gaze of a longtime spouse.  He needs the bedazzled expression of a fresh acolyte.

“Edwards commenced his lunatic dalliance with Rielle Hunter at his moment of greatest political possibility, not long after he’d been his party’s vice presidential nominee and shortly before he ramped up a new bid for the top of the ticket.

“And neither the affair’s exposure nor the birth of the couple’s child convinced him that his political career was done.  He got a slavishly loyal aide to claim to be the baby’s father.  As hard as it is to imagine such sycophancy, it’s harder still to imagine the hubris and entitlement of the leader who would request and be comfortable with it.”

Newt Locks the Barn Door

Newt Gingrich just locked the barn door after the horse escaped.  He pledged to the Iowa group The Family Leader that he will “uphold the institution of marriage through personal fidelity to my spouse….”

That doesn’t do either Mrs. Newtie #1 or Mrs. Newtie #2 much good.

Newt is now 68 years old, married to a woman 23 years younger than he is.  I don’t think it’s a strain at this point in his life to promise that he’s done sowing his wild oats.