Newsflash for Wingnuts

Some of the right wing is going nuts over a multi-lingual version of America the Beautiful in Coke’s Super Bowl ad.  I guess they don’t get the whole melting pot thing.

In addition to the non-English lyrics, the folks are Breitbart are outraged that the ad showed a gay family.  Newflash for Breitbart and all wingnuts:  Katharine Lee Bates, who wrote America the Beautiful, was a lesbian.

The biggest Super Bowl ad outrage was that poor MSNBC staffer who got fired for tweeting about the Cheerios ad that “maybe” the right wing would hate the ad because it featured a bi-racial family.  Losing your job for telling the truth?

GM, Chrysler Hit Back at Lyin’ King Mitt

Both GM and Chrysler are hitting back at Mitt’s lies about the auto bailout in general and about Jeep moving U. S. jobs to China in particular.

GM says the Romney campaign is in a “parallel universe.”

It’s fine with me if he becomes president in that parallel universe, just not this one.

I can’t remember private companies calling out campaign ads for their lies in a presidential race before.

The Truth May Set Mitt Free, But It Won’t Get Him Elected

“We’re not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact-checkers.”

Sounds like something Putin might say, doesn’t it?  But this was Neil Newhouse, a Romney pollster, responding to criticism about Mitt’s fact-free ads claiming that President Obama has gutted the work requirements for welfare recipients.

The ads have been helping Mitt among white voters, especially white single women whom he desperately needs, so the ads will continue to run.

Not Really a National Campaign

The Obama and Romney campaigns and outside groups supporting them are putting their TV ad money, $350 million so far, into only nine states:  Colorado, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Florida.  The most money is going to Ohio, followed by Florida.  These states have 120 electoral votes.

It’s interesting that Mitt isn’t spending in Michigan and Wisconsin, despite claiming that he can win there.  If he really believed it, his money would follow his mouth.

Follow the ads because they tell you the campaigns’ thinking.  Will Obama start running ads in Arizona because it’s close?  Stop in North Carolina because it’s out of his reach?

We think of these presidential races as national, but really most of us just sit back and watch what a small group of states will do.


Follow the Ads

There are differing opinions about what are the true swing states in 2012.  If you want to know where the Romney and Obama campaigns believe they are competitive, but not a sure thing, follow the early ads for the general.

The Obama campaign has just bought ads in nine states — Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

The NYT also believes there are currently nine swing states, but it differs from the Obama campaign by including Wisconsin and not North Carolina.  I think Wisconsin will go for Obama.

North Carolina’s status as a state that typically goes Republican, but went for Obama last time, highlights the concern the campaign showed about Vice President Biden’s comments supporting gay marriage yesterday, comments they  walked back almost as quickly as he uttered them.  North Carolina is voting on an amendment to their state constitution that would ban gay marriage, even though they already have a statute banning gay marriage.  The amendment is expected to pass.  The Obama campaign doesn’t want to lose North Carolina this time around by moving too far left on social issues.

Funny how the GOP can’t seem to move too far right.  However outlandish their positions become, the folks at the top never feel the need to rein them in, they just go along, as Mitt has with the absurd “Personhood” amendments that wouldn’t just ban abortion, but many forms of contraception.  Mitt has placed himself to the right of the voters of Mississippi, which rejected such an amendment.  Hard to imagine being that far right without falling off the edge.

Some media sources consider Arizona a swing state.  I think it will be tough for the Dems there.

There’s also a question about Indiana.  It typically goes Republican, but went for Obama last time, like North Carolina.

So GOPers think Mitt can carry Michigan.  Good luck with that.

It will be interesting to see what resources the Obama campaign puts into Arizona and Indiana.