The Mitt Paradox

“Many Republican political professionals are worried that Mitt Romney’s public image is now defined by a word never associated with winning presidential campaigns — weakness — and are urging him to take dramatic steps to recast his reputation between now and the fall.

“The advice, echoed in interviews with numerous influential GOP figures, comes as Romney finds himself tormented by a contradiction: With each passing day of the primary season, he is coming closer and closer to being presidential nominee — and seemingly further and further away from being president.”

“Romney Fights ‘Loser’ Label,” by John F. Harris and Jonathan Martin, Politico

To me, Mitt just exudes fearfulness and timidity.  He doesn’t have that “3 AM phone call”  leadership aura about him.  So many times in the debates he had a scared look in his eyes that made me wonder how he’d handle being on the world stage with hostile leaders, as opposed to a theatrical stage with fellow Republicans.