Decision Time for Bachmann Supporters

Michele Bachmann’s supporters need to ask themselves not how they feel about her compared to Rick Perry, but how they feel about her compared to Mitt (“I’m Also Unemployed”) Romney.  To the extent they keep her in the race with donations and poll responses, they help Romney.

Perry gives Bachmann supporters everything they want policy and values-wise without her ditzy silliness and appalling ignorance.  He is credible presidential material, albeit still making the adjustment to the national stage, while she is not.  She isn’t even senatorial or gubernatorial material.

She doesn’t just help Romney, she helps Obama.  As long as she is in, she makes the Republican Party look like the air-head party.  Just having her on a debate stage drags the GOP down, as having Al Sharpton or Dennis Kucinich drags down the Dems.

So Bachmann people, the ball is in your court.  You won’t get her as the nominee — do you want Perry or Romney as your voice against Obama?

Rick Perry — No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Politico is up with a story this morning (“Trial lawyers prep for war on Perry” by Alexander Burns) that litigators are revving up their engines (and their big bucks) against Rick Perry.  Perry instituted much-needed tort reform in Texas, and they fear he will do the same nation-wide.

Given the vast number of frivolous law suits we constantly read about and shake our heads over, given that too many of us unfortunately want something for nothing,  we desperately need such tort reform.  This abuse of our legal system costs all of us every day in the form of higher prices for goods and services, since the cost of these suits just gets added on.  This abuse of our legal system makes life a living hell for many individual victims of such suits.  We need rules limiting contingent fees, rules requiring the losing party to pay the other side’s legal fees as they have in Great Britain, and caps on damages.

A thumbs-up as big as Texas to Rick Perry, and an equally big thumbs-down to the trial lawyers.

Jon Huntsman’s Great Day

It’s not a good day when you’re running for the Republican presidential nomination, and the Democratic National Committee applauds your performance on a Sunday talk show.  Jon Huntsman, on ABC’s This Week, bluntly and aggressively called out Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry for their extremism, which he warned made them unelectable, and called out Mitt Romney for his flip-flops.  It was a classic “Emperor Has No Clothes” moment.  He said what a lot of Republicans, including this one, are thinking.  In our hearts, we know he’s right.

Huntsman’s performance is unlikely to help him win the nomination.  It was a bad day for him as a candidate, but a great day for him as a human being.

Rick Perry and the “King” of Hypocrites

Rep. Peter King (R-NY) quite properly criticizes Rick Perry for calling Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke “treasonous” for using standard monetary policy.  King says that Perry won’t do well unless “he tones down.”  Excellent advice, but King’s stone comes postmarked “Glass House, Long Island.”  King has been holding fear-mongering hearings on what he terms “Radicalization in the American Muslim Community” to promote his Islamophobia.  Like Perry, King sees treason where it doesn’t exist.  Both men need to tone it down, way down.

Mitt’s Marie Antoinette Jobs Plan

Mitt “I’m Also Unemployed” Romney has a plan to create jobs, well at least a few jobs for construction workers in California.  He wants to demolish his 3,000 square-foot, oceanfront estate in La Jolla, for which he paid $12 million, and build an 11,000 square-foot mansion instead.  I fault Mitt for not being able to identify with normal people and our lives and problems.  But it’s mutual, I can’t identify with him either.  I can’t imagine buying a $12 million house.  I especially can’t imagine buying a $12 million house and tearing it down.

Contributors Paying for Newt’s Anniversary Trip

Newt and Callista are heading to Hawaii to celebrate their anniversary, while doing a little “campaigning.”    If you donated to his campaign, you’re paying for this.  You going to Hawaii any time soon?  I didn’t think so.

Since it’s their anniversary, Newt needs to head to Tiffany’s.  I’m not sure what the traditional eleventh anniversary gift is, but I suspect for Callista, they’re all diamond.  Let’s all help Newtie out by buying one of his crappy books or DVD’s.

There’s a sucker born every minute, and you can bet he’s immediately added to Newt’s email list.

Thanks, But No Thanks, Governor Perry

Rick Perry wants to make the rest of America like Texas.  Thanks, but no thanks.  Do we really want fewer people with high school or college diplomas?  More people without health insurance or working for minimum wage?  That’s a pretty pathetic standard of prosperity.  Such a lowest-common-denominator, dumbed-down prosperity guarantees that the 21st century will not be another American Century.

All of us deserve better, including the people of Texas.

I Blame John McCain for Michele Bachmann

We get used to things and eventually accept them as normal.  If Michele Bachmann had started running for president without the precedent of Sarah Palin, I don’t think she would have gotten very far.  Sarah Palin didn’t gain acceptance in national politics through coming up on her own through caucuses and primaries, and I doubt she ever would have, but from being dumped on us by John McCain.  We were forced to watch and listen, over and over again.  Now we’ve become inured to attractive women screeching bizarre things as plausible candidates for our highest office.  Bachmann is much more articulate than Palin, but the thinking behind those more coherent sentences is just as dumb and dangerous.

If you doubt this, think of gay marriage.  As gays began coming out of the closet, and people realized that more of their relatives, friends, and co-workers were gay than they had known, the idea of gay marriage has become much more acceptable.  We’ve gotten used to a lot more sex and profane language on TV, when this used to be unacceptable.

The Difference Between Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin

One of the main differences between Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin is their attitude toward “handlers” and willingness to stick to the script.  Sarah Palin went rogue on John McCain in a campaign that wasn’t really hers, against staff whom she hadn’t hired.  But I believe she’d do the same in her own campaign, even with hand-picked advisers she chose and trusted.  She is always going to say what she wants and not what she’s told.  For better or worse, both for her and the country, she will never be a disciplined candidate.

But Michele Bachmann is content to parrot the answers she’s been given, over and over and over again, until her questioner gives up.  She knows that she believes things that sound odd or outrageous to the rest of us.  Her problem is that she’s not sure where that line is drawn, since all of the stray stuff floating around her head seems perfectly normal to her.  Her staff knows both what she believes and what most of us believe, so they are able to draw those distinctions for her.  And once they choreograph her steps, she’s as careful as a dog avoiding the electric fence in his yard.

That doesn’t mean she won’t ever say stuff that sounds off to most Americans.  Sometimes she will need to reassure the base that she’s still their girl.  But when she does it will be scripted, not spontaneous.  Once the signal is sent, they can walk it back a little, and that explanation too will be planned in advance.

She’s way more interested in going to the White House than in going rogue.