Burn Baby Burn

I think it’s fair to say that with the decline of Sarah Palin and the rise of Herman Cain, the GOP truly has gone from the frying pan into the fire.

It hurts my fingers to type this, and it hurts my head to think this, but Cain really does make Palin look smart, thoughtful, and well-informed.

What Herman Cain Believes

Herman Cain would trade all the prisoners at Gitmo for one American held by Al Qaeda, but he would never negotiate with terrorists.

Herman Cain is pro-life, but believes abortion should be up to a woman and her family, never up to the government.

Herman Cain says President Obama is wrong to withdraw from Iraq, but says he can’t articulate a policy on Afghanistan without access to classified material.

Not ready for prime time?  This guy isn’t ready for the middle of the night.

Mitt Romney’s Real Economic Plan

Mitt “I’m Also Unemployed” Romney touts his amazing private sector business experience for why we should trust him to fix the economy.

But, really, what’s his plan?  Passively letting foreclosures run their ruinous course until we “hit bottom” and actively provoking a trade war with China.  These are not the ideas of a financial genius, they are vapid pandering to the Tea Party.  Harvard Business School should revoke his MBA.

None of the Above

The Republican debates are supposed to help voters narrow the field and figure out which candidate they like best.  For me, with each debate, my response is more and more “none of the above.”  What a truly pathetic group they are and how painful it is to watch them.  My reactions to them and their responses are all negative — crazy, desperate, delusional, dumb, goofy, ignorant, phony, slick, sanctimonious, uninformed.  The GOP certainly has everything in its favor this cycle — except its candidates!

President Obama must be loving these debates because he wins every one of them.

This Guy’s Running for President?!

Herman Cain told David Gregory this morning that he doesn’t know what “neo-conservativism” is.   Some examples of ignorance are so egregious and appalling that they are automatically disqualifying, and this is one of them.

Over and over again, Cain has demonstrated that he has no basic understanding of, or interest in, foreign and defense policy issues.  Some Americans aren’t interested in this stuff, and they don’t pay attention.  That’s fine, just don’t run for commander in chief.

Some candidates get it wrong, Herman Cain just doesn’t get it at all.  If ignorance is bliss, Cain must have achieved Nirvana a long time ago.

Debate Skills a Must

Rick Perry concedes that he is a lousy debater and is focused on fighting back against Mitt Romney and Herman Cain through speeches and negative ads.  Even if this helps him get the nomination, then what?

Debates are a significant part of the general election campaign, especially for the swing/independent voters that you can’t win without.  Many of them use the debates to make up their minds, while those on the left and right watch them more as entertainment.  If the GOP doesn’t nominate someone who can debate well against President Obama, and Rick Perry isn’t that someone, they are making a huge unforced error.

Tonight’s GOP Debate

I don’t like any of the GOP candidates, but tonight’s primary debate from Dartmouth College has my number one choice for debate moderator — Charlie Rose.

The questions will be thoughtful and intelligent even if the answers aren’t.  I think Rose will press on answers that are glib or false and not let the candidates skate.

Rick Perry will get to sit down for this one, which should help him avoid the fatigue that has been obvious as the previous debates wore on.  From his bad back?  But he has been moved one seat over to reflect Herman Cain’s rise in the polls, which has stunned all of us, but probably no one more than Cain himself, who really just wants to sell his book.

Mitt Romney’s Incredibly Cheap Shot

In his foreign policy speech today in South Carolina, Mitt “I’m Also Unemployed” Romney took a really cheap shot at President Obama:  “If you do not want America to be the strongest nation on Earth, I am not your President.  You have that President today.”

I hope Mitt stays unemployed.

While Chris Christie Is Tired of the Crazies, Mitt Romney Is Terrified of Them

Watching a clip of Mitt “I’m Also Unemployed” Romney meeting with the editorial board of the Union Leader reinforced why he troubles me so much.  He doesn’t have the guts to be our commander in chief.

Asked about the booing of the gay soldier who asked a question in the last debate, Mitt, unlike other GOP candidates, refused to criticize that booing because he doesn’t have the courage to stand up to the homophobes in his party.

Plus he got all “deer in the headlights” when asked about it.  Aside from being a phony and a flip-flopper, he is simply too timid for the job.

While Chris Christie refused to kowtow to the Islamophobes in the GOP, saying he was tired of the crazies, Mitt kowtows to the homophobes because he is terrified of the crazies.

If Mitt is so visibly shaken by a softball question from some newspaper editors, how is he going to react to a sudden dramatic crisis with Iran or North Korea?  I am really afraid of Mitt Romney because he himself is too afraid to lead.