Mitt the Cry Baby

Mitt’s campaign is insisting that WaPo retract its story from last week asserting that Bain specialized in helping grow companies that offered job outsourcing services to other U. S. companies.  They have demanded a sit down with the Post!

Meanwhile, President Obama is running ads in swing states saying we don’t need an “Outsourcer in Chief.”  Amen to that.

Mitt is whining that we “little people” don’t understand the difference between “outsourcing” and “offshoring.”

That’s a distinction you might make in a Harvard Business School paper, but if Mitt thinks that argument will help him win the election, he’s more trapped in his 1% bubble than I thought.

The Good 1%

The war in Iraq is officially over.  Except of course for the families of the 4,500 service men and women who were killed.  It will never end for them.  Nor will it end for the wounded and their families.

However we feel about the war, the 99% of us who bore no share of the burden owe an enormous debt to the 1% who serve, who go on deployment after deployment after deployment.  They are the “good 1%.”

There are no celebrations here, but I expect they’re celebrating in Tehran, since Iran will turn out to be the real winner.

In return for handing them a weakened Iraq, you’d think Iran would return our drone, the one that “wandered” across the border from Afghanistan.   If Perry were president, he could just call Ahmadinejad and say Oops.

Anybody think President Obama will wake up Christmas morning to find it under the tree with a big red bow?  Me either.