WaPo Can Use Some Brighter Reporters

The most interesting thing to me in the Graham family sale of the Washington Post to Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is how shocked, shocked all the paper’s reporters were.  No one saw it coming.

When Don Graham gathered them to make his announcement, they thought he was going to say that he had sold the building, not the paper.

Drudge Has It

Drudge now has picked up the Petraeus/Benghazi story I posted about late last night based on the new book coming out on Tuesday.

There’s some explosive stuff in the book about Petraeus being done in by his own senior people at the CIA and about John Brennan running special ops anti-terror raids from the White House that led to the Benghazi attack against us on 9/11/12.

I’m very curious to see how much media attention/official response the book gets.

The $3.7 Million Joke

Gawker has posted what they claim is a copy of Lena “Girls” Dunham’s book proposal, the one that got her a $3.7 million advance from Random House.

It reads like a narcissistic and vulgar parody of what you’d expect Dunham’s book proposal to be.  If it’s a parody, the joke’s on Gawker.

But if, as I believe, this is the actual book proposal, the joke is on Random House.  It’s not funny, it’s not interesting, it’s just crap.  Very, very expensive crap.

The sad thing is I’m sure there’s something brilliant buried in the slush pile at Random House tonight that will never bring its overlooked author even $3.70.