Honor the Memory of Catherine Violet Hubbard

Catherine Violet Hubbard is being buried today in Newtown.  You’ve probably seen her picture — the little girl with bright red hair and bangs.

For those wishing to honor her memory, her parents Jennifer and Matthew have requested donations to the local animal shelter because she loved animals so much.  You can donate at http://www.theanimalcenter.org/donate.htm or by mail to The Animal Center, P. O. Box 475, Newtown, CT 06470.

I am hoping to use this blog to help generate donations from all 50 states plus some other countries.

Obama Zings Mitt on Seamus

“President Obama dinged Mitt Romney at a campaign stop in Iowa today for the oft-told story about the old Romney family dog, Seamus, and his journey strapped to the roof of a car….

“In his speech, Obama criticized Romney for his opposition to wind energy in which the governor previously said that ‘you can’t drive a car with a windmill on it.’

“‘I don’t know if he’s actually tried that,” Obama said jokingly. ‘I know he’s had other things on his car.'”

Mitt’s Unfortunate Analogy

Mitt today likened President Obama to a “dog chasing its tail” on the stalled economic recovery.

Um, Mittens, you’re disqualified from doing dog analogies.  You’re talking about Obama, and all we’re thinking is “Seamus, poor Seamus, abused Seamus.”

I guess he could have compared President Obama to a terrified dog stricken by diarrhea because he was strapped to the roof of a station wagon going at least 60 mph on the highway.

Why Bo Sleeps With One Eye Open

Yesterday, Jim Treacher at The Daily Caller, the web site founded by Tucker Carlson, who has gone from wanting to be George Will (see old clips with bow tie and preppy glasses) to wanting to be Andrew Breitbart (see red meat on said web site), posted a story saying that we can’t be outraged about Mitt’s putting his Irish Setter Seamus on the roof of his station wagon for a 12-hour trip because President Obama admitted in his book Dreams From My Father that he actually ate dog while he was a child living in Indonesia.

And so that inevitably led to #ObamaDogRecipes, and Politico‘s pick of the top 11 tweets:

Beagles with cream cheese

Eggs rover easy

Great Danishes

Pugs in a Blanket

Pup Tarts

Obama’s Indonesian Cookbook:  Dreams of My Fido

Chicken Poodle Soup

Spaghetti and Mutt Balls

Santa’s little hamburger helper

When Obama asks for a DOGGY BAG he really means a bag with a dog in it

Garlic Mashed BOtatoes  MMMMM

To which I add Canned Spamiel and Cheese Labradoodles and encourage you to share yours.

Bo Helps, Seamus Hurts

Forget Iran, Afghanistan, unemployment, and the deficit.  Now the presidential polls are about dogs.  Asked who would be a better president for dogs, 37% said President Obama and 21% said Mitt.

Apparently, Mitt’s making a 12-hour trip to Canada with his dog Seamus on the roof of his station wagon is taking a toll.  His favorables/unfavorables are upside down when voters are asked their opinion about Mitt’s treatment of dogs.  He has 20% favorable, but 29%, so a negative 9% spread.

By contrast, 44% have a favorable view of President Obama’s treatment of dogs,with 14% unfavorable, so a net positive of 30%.

What about the cats?

What Happened to Seamus?

The New York Observer is reporting that two of Mitt Romney’s sons told reporters “off the record” that when the Romney family arrived in Canada after strapping Seamus the Irish setter to the roof of their station wagon for the twelve-hour trip, Seamus ran away.

The Romneys have said that Seamus eventually went to live with Mitt’s sister Jane in California and that he lived to a ripe old age.  There is a photo of Seamus with a litter of kittens that was supposedly taken at Jane’s house.

It may well be that Seamus ran away when he arrived in Canada as the sons said, but was found and reunited with the Romneys, so that he eventually went to California, as Mitt has said.

But if that’s the case, why hasn’t the Romney campaign responded to the Observer‘s requests for clarification?  Observing minds want to know.