Quote of the Day — And Maybe the Month

“Between you and me, I’m sort of holding my nose for two years cause what we’re doing here is gonna be a big benefit to Rand in ’16.”

Jesse Benton, Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s campaign manager (probably not for long) for his 2014 re-election, in a recorded telephone conversation with Republican activist Dennis Fusaro.

Fusaro leaked the conversation to the Economic Policy Journal as part of the scandal about Ron Paul’s 2012 presidential campaign paying Iowa State Senator Kent Sorenson to jump ship from Michele Bachmann to Paul.  Under Iowa law, Sorenson couldn’t be paid by a presidential campaign, but he was. We’re talking a couple of hundred thousand dollars here.

Jesse Benton, who married into the Paul family, was Ron Paul’s national campaign chairman in 2012 and Rand Paul’s campaign manager in 2010.

McConnell needs Rand Paul’s support in his fight against Tea Party primary challengers, and then of course McConnell would be heavily in Rand Paul’s debt come 2016.

This is getting nasty, and it isn’t just about Kentucky, it has national implications for the next presidential election.

You Won’t Believe This One

David Gittrich is trying to get the Wichita City Council to prevent an abortion clinic from re-opening because he claims that the protests it will draw will be a nuisance.

Mr. Gittrich is Director of Development at Kansans for Life, so he will be organizing and attending those protests, thus creating the very nuisance he is complaining about.

The abortion clinic in question is the one that was run by Dr. George Tiller until a pro-lifer murdered him while he was attending church.  Murderers for Life!

Brennan to CIA

The Prez nominated John Brennan, currently his Deputy National Security Adviser, to be CIA Director.

Brennan will replace Gen. Petraeus.  Deputy Director Michael Morell has been Acting Director since Petraeus left and was himself a candidate for the top job.  Many at CIA are disappointed that he didn’t get it.

Brennan worked at the CIA for twenty-five years.


Nate Silver on Why Mitt Will Lose

Over at the FiveThirtyEight blog at the NYT, Nate Silver explains why he gives President Obama as 76.3% chance of winning with Mitt at 23.7%:

1. Polls usually overrate the standing of the candidate who just held his convention.
2. Mitt Romney just held his convention. But he seems to have gotten a below average bounce out of it. The national polls that have come out since the Republican National Convention have shown an almost exact tie in the race.
3. If the polls overrate Mr. Romney, and they show only a tie for him now, then he will eventually lose.

Stop Blaming Akin for the GOP’s Insanity

From “Todd Akin’s ‘Legitimate Rape’ Timing Couldn’t Be Worse for Republicans,” Mark McKinnon, The Daily Beast:

“A reporter asked me recently about the importance of convention platforms, and I said I couldn’t remember a convention platform that had any real impact on the outcome of an election.  Well, thanks to Missouri Republican Senate nominee Todd Akin, this year’s party platform will likely get a lot more attention than it otherwise would have and could have real impact on the outcome of the election.

“The Akin fiasco could not have been more poorly timed for Republicans.

“So now we can expect days of discussion about Republicans and abortion, and heightened focus on the platform language that was drafted Monday. … That means no exceptions.   Not rape.  Not incest.  Not the life of the mother.

“It won’t matter much that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are saying now they would not oppose a rape exception.  Unlike John McCain, who had a history of pushing for an explicit exemption in the language, Romney and Ryan have records that will send a chill up the spine of most women.   Romney said in 2007 he would be ‘delighted’ to sign a bill banning all abortions, and Ryan supported legislation restricting abortions to victims of ‘forcible rape.’

“So, thank you, Todd Akin.  Just as Republicans were opening their show and hoping to widen the tent, you’ve managed to attract attention to yourself and your caveman views.

“Hear that sound, GOP?  That’s women running for the exits — and the big tent collapsing.”  Emphasis added.

Um, Mark, Akin isn’t attracting attention to himself and his caveman views, he’s attracting attention to the GOP and its caveman views, to Romney/Ryan and their caveman views.  The big tent isn’t collapsing, because it’s a myth, it doesn’t exist. 

The problem isn’t that Akin is suddenly making everyone look at the GOP platform and the Romney/Ryan abortion record.  The problem is that the GOP has a bat-shit crazy platform, and Romney and Ryan have bat-shit crazy records.  Akin isn’t creating a one-man problem, he’s pointing out an existing party-wide problem.

McKinnon’s thank you to Akin is obviously sarcastic, while mine is heart-felt.  McKinnon thinks that Akin’s hurting Romney and Ryan is somehow unfair.  But if Akin were some freak, he wouldn’t be able to hurt the GOP nationally.  They’d be able to dismiss him and his impact would be limited to Missouri and not affect the presidential race or any other races. 

McKinnon doesn’t understand that the problem isn’t this one guy, it’s the extremism that has infected and taken over the party.  Until they purge themselves of this extremism, rather than try to finesse it and hide it and cover it up, the GOP deserves to lose. 

McKinnon is right that the Akin timing couldn’t be worse for the GOP, but it couldn’t be better for the country. 

Americans don’t believe women should be forced to endure a pregnancy resulting from rape or incest, or be forced to die from a pregnancy they can’t survive, as the GOP believes.  So Americans shouldn’t vote for the GOP.

If the GOP wants the White House, they have to clean their own house first.

Another Tea Party Weirdo

Ted Cruz, who won yesterday’s runoff to be Texas’ GOP Senate nominee, isn’t just a Tea Party guy, he’s also a weirdo.  Maybe that’s redundant.  Anyway, he’s one of those crazies who sees the U. N. under every bed, ready to take our freedom.  From “For God, Texas And Golf,” Gail Collins, NYT:

“Texas Republicans have just nominated a Senate candidate who is promising to protect America’s golf courses from the United Nations.

“In a blog posting early this year, Cruz vowed that as senator he would fight against ‘a dangerous United Nations plan’ on environmental sustainability that he said was aimed at abolishing ‘gold courses, grazing pastures and paved roads.’

“[T[he thing Cruz was talking about is actually a vague, non-binding resolution that’s more than 20 years old.”

Ladies and gentlemen, the next senator from the great state of Texas, Ted Cruz, the putz who will protect your putts.