Santorum Being Santorum

Rick Santorum says that gay marriage isn’t just morally wrong, it’s also bad for the economy.

Because?  Because the Empty Sweater Vest says so, that’s why.


In His Dreams

RNC Chair Reince Preibus predicts that 2014 will be a “tsunami-type election” for the GOP.  Because of a great increase in votes from young people and women!  Dream on, Reince.

I don’t doubt 2014 will be good for Republicans, but the party is still incredibly out of sync with the young ‘uns and the ladies.

1062 and All That

GOP Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona has vetoed Senate Bill 1062, which would have make it okay for businesses to discriminate against gays based on the “religious beliefs” of their owners and employees.  No soup (or wedding cake) for you!

As with Medicaid expansion, I hope other GOP governors will follow Brewer and do the right thing for their citizens.

Also today, a federal court in Texas found that state’s ban on same-sex marriage to be unconstitutional.

Back when I was growing up, right-wingers who saw Communists everywhere in this country wanted those on the left to move to Russia.  I think those on the right who are unhappy here should move to Putin’s Russia.

He’s Not Gay, He’s Thrifty

If you want to run for office as a Republican, it helps not to be gay.  So it was bad enough for Dan Rutherford, Illinois’ State Treasurer and a GOP candidate for governor, that he’s just been sued by a male staffer for sexual harassment.

Now comes the disclosure that Rutherford has a history of sharing hotel rooms with his male executive assistant.  He says he was just trying to save money.


Sochi Hypocrisy?

WaPo has an interesting story* pointing out that eight U. S. states have so-called “no homo promo” bans in their school curricula that are very much like Russia’s anti-gay laws.  These states — and I’m sure you already guessed some of them — are Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, Louisiana, Texas, Arizona, Utah, and Oklahoma.

But I’m still not watching the Olympics because of the dog killing.  You spent $50 billion and you couldn’t build an animal shelter?

* “Eight U. S. states have policies similar to Russia’s ban on gay propaganda,” Niraj Chokski