Quote of the Day

“All real work is hard.  My work happened to be undoable.  Morning after morning for 50 years, I faced the next page defenseless and unprepared.  Writing for me was a feat of self-preservation.  If I did not do it, I would die.  So I did it.  Obstinacy,  not talent, saved my life.  It was also my good luck that happiness didn’t matter to me, and I had no compassion for myself.

Philip Roth

I would say talent and obstinacy.

Quote of the Day

“Again and again we embark within the mind’s eye of Ms. Munro’s narrators, often the character at the heart of the story.  It feel, surprisingly, as if the reader has simply been absorbed in the story’s first person.  We want to know what happens because it seems to be happening to us.”

“A Nobel Prize for Alice Munro,” NYT Editorial

That captures perfectly why I love certain heroines so much, from Natasha Rostov to Fleur Forsyte to Scarlett O’Hara — what happens to them seems to be happening to me.  Now, if I could just write heroines like that.