Just Take Your Millions and Shut Up

Al Gore lamely tried to justify selling Current to Al Jazeera on Jon Stewart last night, claiming that they provide “the highest quality, most extensive, best climate coverage of any network.”

Yes, we all think of Al Jazeera as our go-to source for climate change.  And to think how distraught and inconsolable I was when Bush v. Gore was announced.

A Word for Robins

From “Will Climate Get Some Respect Now?,” Nicholas Kristof, NYT:

“I was schooled in the far-reaching changes underway several years ago by Eskimos in Alaska, who told me of their amazement at seeing changes in their Arctic village — from melting permafrost to robins (for which their Inupiat language has no word), and even a (shivering) porcupine.  If we can’t see that something extraordinary is going on in the world around us, we’re in trouble.”

Talk About a Perfect Storm!

“Forecasters said Sandy was a rare, hybrid ‘super storm’ created by an Arctic jet stream wrapping itself around a tropical storm.

“The combination of those two storms would have been bad enough, but meteorologists said there was a third storm at play – a system coming down from Canada that would effectively trap the hurricane-nor’easter combo and hold it in place, amplifying the inland flooding effects.

“Moreover, the storm was coming ashore at high tide, which was pulled even higher by a full moon.”

From “Sandy strengthens as it nears East Cost; Wall Street shut,” Daniel Trotta and Tom Hals, Reuters


Another Obama Failure — No Rain Dances in the Rose Garden

I know the GOP thinks everything is President Obama’s fault, but this is a bit much, even for them.  From John Boehner’s web site:

“The president continues to blame anyone and everyone for the drought but himself.”

Um, John, black people don’t do rain dances, that’s Native Americans.

Or maybe this isn’t a failure by John of Orange to keep his minorities straight, maybe this is one of those God-is-punishing-us rants because Obama supports gay marriage.

John, you’re spending too long on the tanning bed, it’s frying your brain.


He Flips! He Flops!

Back in June, Mitt “I’m Also Unemployed” Romney said that we should reduce carbon emissions because of climate change.  On Wednesday, at a New Hampshire town hall, Romney said that if he becomes president, he will not seek to limit such emissions.

Mitt has obviously been studying new data.  No, not data on climate change.  Rick Perry’s poll numbers.