Rich People Can Be Really Stupid

Marin County, California is one of the country’s wealthiest counties.  It also has one of the lowest rates of childhood vaccinations.

Which is probably why it has the second highest rate of whooping cough (a disease which should no longer exist in the U. S.) in California.  Ten babies died of whooping cough in California in 2010.

But these same people have no qualms about stuffing their kids full of ADHD drugs, because no one in this county can accept that their kid isn’t just average in school.  Lake Wobegon on the Pacific.

Between the crazy bible people and the crazy new age people, this country is going to hell.

More Stupid from The Donald

Donald Trump is now coming out against childhood vaccinations, joining the parade of morons who think vaccinations cause autism.  At least his birtherism didn’t really hurt anybody.

While vaccinations don’t cause autism, parents’ growing failure to get their children immunized is definitely causing outbreaks of whooping cough and measles, diseases which shouldn’t even exist in this country.

All part of the terrifying turn against science in favor of superstition and quackery.

Wendy Davis’ Divorce Decree

With all the right-wing accusations that Wendy Davis either gave up or lost custody of her children, how about if we look at the actual divorce decree from November 15, 2005?

First, only one daughter was involved.  Her older daughter, Amber, from her first marriage was no longer a minor.

The decree gave Wendy Davis and her ex-husband “joint managing conservatorship” for their daughter Dru, who was 17.  Texas got rid of the term custody in the mid-1990’s and switched to conservatorship.  Joint conservatorship is what most of us would think of as joint custody.

No Soup for You — Unless You Sweep the Floor

Congressman Jack Kingston of Georgia is hoping to become Senator Jack Kingston next year.  So you gotta bring out the crazy if you’re gonna win the primary, right?

Kingston wants to abolish the federal lunch program for students from low-income families.  But if he can’t do that, he said today they should have to sweep the floor to get their lunch.

That Solves That Problem

The farm bill didn’t pass the House because the GOP hated the food stamp part of the bill.  Why don’t those lazy hungry children just get jobs?

But they want the agricultural subsidies to continue…  What to do?

Why take food stamps out of the farm bill, of course, and vote on them separately!

I think we can guess which way GOP House members will vote on each.