Just Sign the Stupid Form

I agree that the Little Sisters of the Poor should get a religious exemption under Obamacare and not have to provide contraceptive coverage to their employees.

Where they lose me is with their refusal to sign the form claiming that exemption.  This is where the Catholic Church stretches its constitutional right until it breaks.  By being unreasonable and obnoxious in their demands, they lose any sympathy they might have had about the issue.

This phony fight is an insult to the Catholics who really are being oppressed — to the point of death — in other parts of the world today.

Billionaire Says Pope Is Pissing Off Rich People

Billionaire Ken Langone ( he founded Home Depot) has asked NYC Cardinal Dolan to tell Pope Francis that he is pissing off rich American Catholics, and if he persists in pushing all this stuff Jesus preached, they will stop contributing to the Church.

So basically he wants the Catholic Church to be like the GOP and get folks all wee wee’d up about abortion and gay marriage, while ignoring anything having to do with economic justice.

The Seventh Century — Now with Cell Phone Cameras

Video is circulating online of a Catholic priest being beheaded in Syria by Al Qaeda-linked rebels on June 23rd.  He was a Franciscan, Fr. Francois Murad.

It looks like something out of the seventh century, except for the part where the crowd whips out their cell phones.

And how exactly will we prevent the arms we’re providing from reaching these evil crazies?

McConnell Update

Devout Catholic Sean Hannity played part of the McConnell secret strategy session tape, but not the part where they laughed at St. Francis and “Brother Donkey, Sister Bird.”

I’m sure Hannity knew that some of his Catholic viewers would say, hey, they’re not laughing at Ashley Judd, they’re laughing at me and my religion.

Is Mitch McConnell Anti-Catholic?

Lots of attention this morning on Mother Jones‘ release of a taped confidential Mitch McConnell strategy session where they discuss oppo research on Ashley Judd, who has since decided not to run against McConnell in Kentucky next year.

McConnell’s camp is comparing the tape’s release to Watergate and has gotten the FBI involved.  Mother Jones has explained they didn’t get the tape through a Watergate-type bugging, which leads one to believe there was someone in that room who isn’t exactly loyal to McConnell.

Anyway, during the meeting a McConnell aide played a tape of Judd on religion saying, “I’d like to think I’m like St. Francis in that way.  Brother Donkey, Sister Bird.”

This reference resulted in uproarious laughter, with the aide saying, “That’s my favorite line so far.  Absolute favorite one so far.”

The group seems ignorant that St. Francis, in dealing with his many infirmities, referred to his own body as “Brother Donkey” and that he was known for preaching sermons to flocks of birds.  His famous poem,”Canticle of the Sun” refers to various manifestations of nature as “Brother” and “Sister.”  Since God created everything, we are all brothers and sisters.

Now imagine that an Obama campaign group had been caught on tape laughing about Brother Donkey and Sister Bird.  Wouldn’t they have been chastised for their ignorance about St. Francis and Catholicism and for laughing at the Church’s most beloved saint?  Wouldn’t Sean Hannity have hit the roof about this lack of respect for Catholics, about this war on Catholics?

Mitch McConnell is a Southern Baptist.  Recently Southern Baptists and Catholics have made common cause over issues like abortion and marriage, but the history between the two groups is a pretty nasty and contentious one, with a long-standing hatred for “Papists” among the Baptists.

Our new Pope took the name Francis for a reason.  Mitch McConnell has some ‘splaining to do.

It’s Francis

The new pope is Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires.  He is the first Jesuit pope ever and is of Italian descent.

He has taken the name Pope Francis (Franceso).

Between the time that the white smoke went up and they announced the new pope, I had been thinking that his mission was the same as the one that God gave St. Francis — “Rebuild my church.”

So I was both shocked and delighted to hear that his name will be Francis.  He may have chosen it because of his commitment to the poor rather than the need for repair, but whatever the reason, I take it as a hopeful sign.

When I was baptized six years ago, I took the baptismal name Francesca, the female form of St. Francis, so I’m especially pleased.

Viva il Papa!