Quote of the Day

“Republican hysteria still exists, but it increasingly finds its expression not in policy but in a melange of scandal allegations.  The threat to the Constitution once epitomized by such things as Obamacare, socialism, and Greece has instead taken the form of Benghazi, IRS, and Bergdahl.

“The reformicons’ retreat from Ryan-style apocalypticism is not only a shrewd tonal shift, but also a welcome — albeit unackowledged — recognition that the party’s doomsaying has not come to pass, and the the American way of life will indeed survive Obama’s reforms. … Whether or not the reformicons ever compose a workable domestic agenda, they have come to recognize that they cannot run a presidential campaign promising to rescue America from fire and rubble visible only to themselves.”

Jonathan Chait, “The Republican Party After the Apocalypse,” New York Magazine


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