That Caliphate Bin Laden Promised

As the Washington Post describes Iraq as “on the brink of disintegration,” the Prez says “all options are on the table.”  Based on our refusal to help Iraq the last few months, despite their ever-more-urgent pleas for airstrikes,  it seems we’re going with the “let the whole thing go to Hell” option.

The Islamic extremists carving their “caliphate” out of Syria and Iraq, ISIS, are so radical and so violent that they were kicked out of Al Qaeda!  Think about that…

Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki refused to reach out to his Sunni population, running a purely Shiite show, so now his Sunnis won’t fight for him, and the American weapons and armored vehicles they abandon as they flee are going to the jihadists.  Your tax dollars at work…   You can train and equip soldiers, as we very expensively did in Iraq, but if they have no loyalty to their government and won’t fight for it, what are you gonna do?

We have been unable to bring Afghanistan out of the seventh century.  Now Iraq seems about to join them.

Bin Laden is dead — his vision, not so much.

2 comments on “That Caliphate Bin Laden Promised

  1. danielfee says:

    And there you have it, the Bush Doctrine playing out to its only possible conclusion. From an American perspective there is no one to back. Why would we want to provide any support Maliki and the Shiites who being supported by Iran and are on the same side as Assad? Or why would we want to provide any support to the ISIS , the radical Sunnis? Of course these are the same radicals (or as John McCail calls them, the rebals) that are fighting Assad, who he wanted to arm. It seem now they are getting all the American weapons they need by taking over areas in Iraq. So what did the Bush doctrine accomplish? It removed the Saddam who was the balancing power in the area to Iran, it set Iran on the path to a nuclear weapon when Bush put them on the axis of evil, it lead to the Sunni-Shiite civil war in Syria, and lets not forget that North Korea restarted their nuclear program after they were put on the axis too. I guess you could say George Bush painted us into a corner, with no good way out.

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