The Party Who Cried Wolf

It seems to me that the VA scandal — which is a real scandal — would have a lot more oomph and impact if the GOP hadn’t wasted (and continues to waste) so much energy and outrage on phony scandals like Benghazi and the IRS.

They’ve squandered a lot of credibility and induced scandal fatigue because so many Americans believe that anything the Republicans get worked about stems from their visceral hatred of the Kenyan Muslim socialist.

One comment on “The Party Who Cried Wolf

  1. David says:

    Well, may be you are right .
    Scandal in Benghazi just might not be the correct definition
    We don’t know the whole complete story “,someone does”
    As all the stories so far are only 1/2
    Even if it was to late the administration should have at least jumped up and said “send MARINES ,SOG’s,DELTA,SEALS.
    Letting someone try would have been better than playing golf
    They dropped the ball
    And then tried to cover that up.
    That is the scandal

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