More Sanctions on Russia

President Obama has ramped up the sanctions on Russia for its intransigence on Ukraine — he’s added 7 more government officials and 17 companies to the list.

I think he’s right to save the “big guns” of sanctions on entire sectors of the Russian economy for an actual invasion of eastern Ukraine.

2 comments on “More Sanctions on Russia

  1. danielfee says:

    I agree, turn up the heat a little at a time. Save the big sector sanctions in the event Putin moves troops into eastern Ukraine. Did you see the morning round table on Morning Joe today. I am getting really tired of these neo-cons and former Bush people constantly saying Obama is not being strong enough. But when asked what would they do, military intervention? They say no, but have no other answers except sanctions. Apparently Obama is not saying the word “sanctions” strongly enough. What clowns.

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