Where Do They Find These People?

One of SC Senator Lindsey “Butters” Graham’s primary opponents is a pastor named Det Bowers who says that women are to blame for 95% of divorces because, even though the husbands may be guilty of adultery, the wives are guilty of “abominable idolatry.”  You may be wondering WTF abominable idolatry is.  Turns out it has nothing to do with golden calves, it’s about the wives loving their children too much.

Two things:  First, under what rocks does the GOP find these people to run for office?  Second, he actually does have a point — a teeny, tiny point — because most men really are such big babies.

2 comments on “Where Do They Find These People?

  1. momshieb says:

    Oh, I know where they find these guys! The Democrats hunt them down and convince them to run for office. Obvious!

  2. danielfee says:

    Sounds like another one of those Republicans that has been cheating on his wife. I wonder if it is with a staffer, a hooker while he is wearing dippers, in the men’s room at the airport, or maybe he is another crystal Methodist .

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