Conservatives Caught With Their Pants Down (Or On Fire)

Leukemia patient Julie Boonstra starred in a Koch Brothers-sponsored ad saying that her new Obamacare plan was unaffordable.  She also appeared on Fox News generating sympathy for her and outrage for Obamacare.

When Harry Reid said Boonstra’s claim was untrue, she demanded an apology, even though the media had made clear that, worst case, her new plan would be a wash and cost the same as before.

Now the Detroit News has established definitely that she will save at least $1200 a year under Obamacare.

I hope Harry Reid isn’t holding his breath waiting for an apology.  And I’m not holding mine waiting for a correction from Fox News.

5 comments on “Conservatives Caught With Their Pants Down (Or On Fire)

  1. David says:

    Can the Detroit news be trusted in there research??????????

  2. danielfee says:

    Again they are caught in a lie. Every person who they have put forward as an example has had their story debunked. But yet the rest of the media will not expose it as propaganda .

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