If You Like Your Crappy Plan…

Back when folks started receiving cancellation notices because their health insurance policies didn’t meet Obamacare’s minimum standards, Fox News went on and on about how wonderful these plans were and what an outrage it was that people couldn’t keep them, even though these plans often didn’t cover things like, oh, hospitalization and had very low annual and lifetime caps.  These plans were cheap for a reason — the coverage was minimal.

Now that President Obama has said people can keep these plans for anther two years beyond the initial one-year extension, all of a sudden Fox News is calling them “junk.”


2 comments on “If You Like Your Crappy Plan…

  1. danielfee says:

    It is part of Obama’s master plan to get the right-wing to demand that these junk plans be eliminated. 🙂 Next Obama will call for cutting the minimum wage and unemployment benefits and Fox will demand they be raised and extended. They can’t help themselves, if Obama say yes they must say no.

    • It’s interesting that on Ukraine, they are on exactly the same page with him (sanctions, not a military response), but since there’s no daylight on policy, they have to attack him personally.

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