Getting a Little Deep

So Kerry Kennedy, one of Bobby’s kids, got in trouble for driving while under the influence of Ambien.  Most people resolve these things quietly with the authorities, but, no, Kennedy had to take it to trial.

In his closing argument, Kennedy’s lawyer amazingly asked these rhetorical questions of the jury:  “Is this an honest person?  Or is this someone who has led a life of lying and cheating?”

Kerry Kennedy used to be Kerry Kennedy Cuomo, the wife of current NY Gov Andrew Cuomo and the mother of his three children.  But she lost the “Cuomo” a decade ago when she had an affair with also-married Bruce Colley, polo-playing heir to a McDonald’s franchise fortune.

So her lawyer really shouldn’t bring up lying and cheating.

One comment on “Getting a Little Deep

  1. Patti Kuche says:

    OMG those large Catholic families and what you have to do to get some attention, however old you are!

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