Christie Got the “Enforcer” He Wanted

“In his office’s statement from last night and his subsequent email tonight, Governor Christie alleges that the lane closures were David Wildstein’s idea – tonight he called them ‘David Wildstein’s scheme.’

“That may be true. Perhaps David Wildstein is the guy who came up with the idea of closing lanes one day and then filed it away as an off-the-shelf plan to execute if and when necessary to accomplish a political end.

“Yet there’s a reason David Wildstein is seeking legal immunity and reimbursement for his legal bills: the order to close those lanes – the motive – seems to have come from Trenton.

“And here we get to the heart of the matter. David Wildstein was put in the Port Authority by Chris Christie, in a job Christie invented, to be the governor’s eyes and ears – his enforcer. Wildstein was put at the Port so Christie could more effectively use the Port as an extension of his political operation (as Steve [Kornacki from MSNBC] and I are documenting, more and more, with each passing week).

“So spare us the shock that Wildstein is ‘a political animal.’ Christie knew who Wildstein was before he appointed him to this job. There is no sense in distancing yourself from one of your own appointees who was given a job specifically because his skills matched what you were looking to accomplish with that appointment.”

Brian Murphy (who worked as a reporter for David Wildstein when he ran under the nom de plume Wally Edge), “Well, That Escalated Quickly,” TPM Cafe at Talking Points Memo

One comment on “Christie Got the “Enforcer” He Wanted

  1. danielfee says:

    Yeaaa Riiiight, and Wildstein forced Bridget Kelly to send him the “time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee” email.

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