Quote of the Day

“I know that I was my mother’s first priority and that she wanted a better life for me than the one she was living. She worked 2 jobs and went to community college at night. She refused to repeat the life her family struggled in growing up.”

Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis’ older daughter, Amber.

Davis’ younger daughter, Dru, also released an open letter defending her mother.  Davis has been subjected to vicious GOP attacks about her personal life and her parenting.

Davis — and women in general — can’t win.  The right-wing claims she was a bad mother, but it’s not as if they’d shut up if she had chosen abortion instead.

Some of the slurs are just incredibly vile and disgusting.  A former head of the South Carolina Republican Party,  Todd Kincannon, a truly sick bastard, has tweeted things like this:

“Davis took a short break from blowing campaign contributors today to condemn remarks made by Mike Huckabee.”

“I wonder how many knee pads she went through at Harvard?”

“I suspect Texas voters care that Wendy Davis was potentially going to Harvard coke parties instead of caring for her children.” (I love that “potentially.”  Hell, I could “potentially” run off with Derek Jeter.)

“I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who was as much of a whore as Wendy Davis.”

Those tweets say way more about him (and his party) than they do about her.  Get yourself some help, Kincannon.  Get yourself some help, GOP.  I’m sure there’s a group rate for y’all.

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