Ha, Ha

“[I]f there was a war on women, I think they won.”

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky)

I know it’s hard to separate policy and personality, but I find both Rand and Ted Cruz really smug, obnoxious, and unlikable.  I just don’t see either of them wearing well in 2016.

7 comments on “Ha, Ha

  1. momshieb says:

    Seriously. I often agree with Ron Paul, although I couldn’t vote for him with his “no taxes ever” philosophy. But his son and that awful Cruz……yuck. Saw Rand on CNN today talking about “unwed mothers”. Holy 1970……

  2. danielfee says:

    The guy to watch out for is Huckabee. He looks like he has been laying the ground work for another run.

    • He won’t get the nomination, Wall Street hates him.

      • danielfee says:

        True, but Wall Street just lost their guy, Chris Christie. His political career is over. I think this time around the Evangelical-Tea Party wing will get their guy nominated. If Hillary runs, which I expect she will, Wall Street will line up behind her. Wall Street kind of liked Bill so it is not a stretch for them to get behind Hillary. Plus they can kill two birds with one election. The far right-wing of the Republican Party will finally get one of their own nominated and then they will get their ass kicked. Next time around the Wall Street wing of the party will be able to say you had your chance and got clobbered to the far right-wingers in the party.

      • I think Wall Street could get behind Rubio or Scott Walker.

      • danielfee says:

        Rubio, no way he is a lite weight. Walker is in the pocket of the Koch brothers so I doubt it.

      • They are both extreme light weights intellectually. But they would happily do Wall Street’s bidding. Either could get there by process of elimination. Christie’s gone, Huck’s too overtly Evangelical, Cruz and Rand Paul raise the specter of another 1964-Goldwater-blowout.

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