Column of the Day

From “Why No Oscar Love for ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’?”, Tim Treman, The Daily Beast:

“This is a film about loss and grief, and not making it — themes that without a looping back narrative of success and transcendence do not resound with Academy members.  The most significant character next to Isaac’s is off-screen, dead, a best friend who has taken his own life.  Davis is not only rootless, he is lonely without hope.  Typically in films you root for the hero to overcome staggering odds, to pilot a plane to safety or endure cruelty on a horrific scale.  During Inside Llewyn Davis you just wish Davis had a warm coat and that someone would answer when he rings on their doorbell.

“Throughout, you feel the bone-chilling cold of the streets and Davis’s loss.  This isn’t a film about conquering demons or surmounting impossible odds, it is a film about losing and losing more, the chipping away of character and of hope.  It is about losing your dreams, not achieving them, life shrinking, hope diminishing, aspirations dissolving.”


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