Chris Christie’s 2016 presidential bid came to an end today.

The Jersey gov tried to laugh off questions about the closure of lanes leading from Fort Lee, NJ to the George Washington Bridge last September by sarcastically saying he was there, working the cones.  But tonight the sarcasm is gone, and Christie and his folks are in full damage-control mode.

That’s because emails have come to light showing that one of his senior aides, Bridget Anne Kelly, ordered the lane closures, telling Christie’s Port Authority appointee, David Wildstein, “Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee.” Wildstein replied, “Got it.”

Wildstein, who has since resigned his cushy $150,000 a year job with no job description, began closing two of the three lanes leading to the bridge on the first day of school, causing delays of four hours and basically paralyzing all traffic in Fort Lee.  The closure went on for four miserable days, until one of the New York-side Port Authority executives learned of it and ordered an immediate stop.

Why would Kelly order the lanes closed?  Because Fort Lee’s Democratic mayor Mark Sokolich refused to endorse Christie’s re-election bid.

Christie didn’t need Sokolich’s endorsement.  The race was never close — he was going to win and win big.  But it didn’t matter that they didn’t need Sokolich — he wouldn’t play ball, it’s New Jersey, so Christie’s people screwed with him.

And Christie ended up screwing himself.

It wasn’t Christie’s weight that sunk him, it was throwing that weight around.





One comment on “Conehead

  1. momshieb says:

    Urk. Again.
    I will vote Green for every election in the forseeable future. Unless I switch to the Socialists.

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