Just Sign the Stupid Form

I agree that the Little Sisters of the Poor should get a religious exemption under Obamacare and not have to provide contraceptive coverage to their employees.

Where they lose me is with their refusal to sign the form claiming that exemption.  This is where the Catholic Church stretches its constitutional right until it breaks.  By being unreasonable and obnoxious in their demands, they lose any sympathy they might have had about the issue.

This phony fight is an insult to the Catholics who really are being oppressed — to the point of death — in other parts of the world today.

One comment on “Just Sign the Stupid Form

  1. momshieb says:

    And I still say that employers don’t have the right to deny insurance coverage for legal medical treatments: what if employers don’t approve of treatment for infertility, or for obesity, or what if they object to providing therapy for people who are struggling with their sexuality? If they are running some type of business, with employees, they have to provide all of the legal treatments. This whole thing is so ridiculous.

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