I’m Having a Really Good Day

Michael Steinberg of SAC has been found guilty of insider trading.  I’d love to see Steve Cohen himself making license plates, but I’ll take this.

And the Virginia race for attorney general is finally over, with Dem Mark Herring the official winner and right-wing nut job Mark (“Report Your Miscarriage to the Police”) Obenshain the official loser.  Purple Virginia now looks bright blue  — the governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, and both senators are all Dems.

5 comments on “I’m Having a Really Good Day

  1. danielfee says:

    But the corporate media keeps telling us that the Democrats are losing support and will be in trouble next November. And they blame it all on the Obamacare roll out. But wait, the VA election occurred after the roll out. If we actually had a liberal media the Democrats would steamroll the Republicans next election.

    • I think a lot of this sweep was local. McDonnell campaigned on jobs, jobs, jobs, and then he governed on abortion, abortion, abortion. Because the ticket was chosen at a convention and not by primary, they really got the whackiest of the whack jobs. Terry McAuliffe is sleazy and corrupt — I think a moderate Repub could have won, and taken those down ballot with him.

  2. danielfee says:

    This is the same argument we hear every time from the Republicans as to why they lost. Yes, McDonnell did exactly what Republicans do all the time, campaign on jobs and the economy and then immediately turn to far right social issues .Cuccinelli was even further right than governor ultra sound, who knew that was even possible, and the Lt Governor candidate was a certified wacko that was selected by the party. There is no such thing as a moderate Republican anymore, and the majority of people are catching on to that fact. Take the NY city mayor race for example. You might be able to call Lhota a moderate Republican but he still got his ass kicked by Bill de Blasio. The 2013 elections were a rejection of extremism and the economic system that favors the 1%. I think 2014 will be the same. Look for GA to elect a Democrat as their next Senator.

    • I think de Blasio was a reaction to 20 years of Rudy and Bloomberg, the swinging of the pendulum. Some — not all — politics really is local. Joe Lhota would have done better running after 20 years of lefties!

      • danielfee says:

        Perhaps, but all of them were elected after the Obamacare roll out was botched. My point is that the corporate media keeps making excuses for the Republicans. They approach it as if the Republicans should win each election, and when they don’t they have to find another reason other than people are rejecting Republican policies and economics. At some point after 35 years of trickle down that is not trickling the electorate will shift. I think we are seeing the early stages of that shift that will probably run for the next 30 to 40 years.

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