No Obamacare, No Medicaid, No Nothing

The way Obamacare was supposed to work (for those without employer-based or government health care) was that some would get Medicaid under an expanded program, some would get insurance with government subsidies, and some would get insurance without government subsidies.

But when the Supreme Court found Obamacare constitutional, they also held that states didn’t have to expand Medicaid, and right now 25 states (all with GOP govs and/or legislatures) have refused to do so.  These red states are also among the poorest and unhealthiest states, places like Alabama and Mississippi.

So about 5 million people can’t get health insurance because they are too poor to qualify for subsidies.  Yes, you read that right.

Obamacare has left them in the same sad, sorry place they were before — with health care navigators encouraging them to try free clinics.  They should also encourage them to vote.




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