3 comments on “Stop Digging!

  1. David says:

    But I like my health care plan it gives me what I want .Idon’t want White House telling me ,this one or that one is better!!!
    I want to make my own choices.

  2. philowitz says:

    Two quick points:
    EB:Maybe Stephanapolous and SNL are the same show.
    David: It is the insurance companies who are canceling policies and not letting you make your own choices. They are steering folks to very expensive plans they don’t want or need, without letting them know about more affordable and better plans.

    • They’re not handling it well. Obama’s speech saying we said, “You can keep your plan, if it didn’t change after the law was passed,” is not true. They decided not to include the caveat and now they’re paying the price — deservedly so — in credibility. O has gotten and is getting some truly awful advice.

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