Caucus of Cowards

There have always been far-left and far-right members of Congress.  They ranted their rants and voted their votes, but didn’t have an effect beyond their low numbers.  They had no weapons to force normal members to vote with them, so they were isolated and contained.  They got patted on the head, but they never held a gun to anybody else’s head.  You think LBJ ever lost a minute’s sleep as majority leader or president worried about the far, far right?  It is to laugh.

But of the 144 GOP House members who last night voted against the Senate re-open/raise bill, only a third at most were voting their own views.  The rest were voting from fear, not conviction.  These cowards are the bigger threat to our well-being because they add significant numbers — and power — to the ignorance and idiocy of the shut-it-down/blow-it-up fringe.

John Boehner thought he was giving the crackpots enough rope to hang themselves.  But from their perspective, they got enough rope to climb out the bedroom window and trash the neighborhood.  They’re back in their room again, but they’re just resting.  Who will bar the window and take that rope away?

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