Where We Are

Surprise, surprise, the House GOP doesn’t like the Senate plan, so they’ve come up with their own — they would re-open the government through December 15 (which is a month less than the Senate plan and makes retailers want to shoot themselves because of the chilling effect on Christmas shopping) and raise the debt ceiling until February 7, which is like the Senate plan.  But, unlike the Senate plan, they won’t allow Treasury to use “extraordinary measures” (moving money around) to pay bills after that, so it’s a hard ceiling.

And the House also wants to end the employer contribution to health care for members of Congress, their staffs, and White House officials.  They want to get Dems on record voting against it.

The House is going to vote by this evening.

The rest of the world thinks we’re nuts, and the rest of the world is right.

2 comments on “Where We Are

  1. danielfee says:

    I think we make a mistake when we keep saying they are nuts. We should call them what they are; domestic enemies. We tend to think they are nuts because we find it hard to believe that anyone would intentionally try to bring down the Federal government. But we have always had a radical group that would like to replace our form of government. What we are seeing is the rise of the neo-confederacy combined with Christian Reconstructionism. The best way for them to achieve their goal is destroy the United States economically. When a small ideological group cannot achieve its goal through the democratic process they will attempt to use the “”shock doctrine” technique. When thinks are in crisis this small group of zealots will push through a radical agenda before anyone full absorbs what they are up to. And with the state of our media today it will be even more difficult for people to recognize what is happening, because you know “it is both sides.”

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