Quote of the Day 2

“This is what the Republicans who follow the Texan Cruz worry about: if struggling middle-class and working-class whites (especially in the South) see the benefits of the Affordable Care Act, then the Republican Party’s southern strategy will collapse.  Here’s the thing: Only by keeping white Republicans angry at the federal government can they keep their fragile coalition together.”

Andrew Burstein and Nancy Isenberg, “Ignorant Tea Party outrage:  Sarah Palin’s latest Obamacare lie,” Salon

4 comments on “Quote of the Day 2

  1. J. Palmer says:

    Sadly, the havoc that R’s have already wreaked upon the ACA will ensure that the program will not run smoothly for quite a while, giving witless working class/middle class conservatives reason to continue to bite the hand attempting to feed them.

  2. David says:

    Can you post what exactly is the Republican Party” southern strategy” is.

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