Quote of the Day

“It’s the lack of strategy towards a specific outcome that is most disheartening.  Outside a few borderline delusional folks, no one believes there’s a viable strategy to stop Obamacare.  So what exactly are we fighting to achieve?  The government will re-open and the debt limit will be extended.  These are facts.  What will we get, if anything?  That’s the tough part.”

A Republican Senate aide to Sahil Kapur at Talking Points Memo

What will they get?  How about an end to the GOP’s slide in the polls?  At this point, this should just take the tourniquet the Dems are offering and stop the bleeding.

We’re all focused on Thursday, when the government will be down to its last $30 billion in cash (plus daily tax revenues coming in).  At that point, the sh*t will still be approaching the fan.  Our next interest payment on Treasuries is October 31, and then almost $60 billion in payments on November 1 for Social Security, Medicare, military pay, etc.

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