Truth of the Day

From “U. S. Fringe Festival,” Thomas L. Friedman, NYT:

“In other words, the only thing standing between mainstream Republicans and a hellish future of kowtowing to Ted Cruz, never seeing the inside of the White House and possibly losing the House is President Obama’s refusal to give in to the shutdown blackmail that Cruz % Co. have cooked up.  The more pragmatic Republicans, who know that this is a disaster for their party but won’t confront Cruz & Co., have settled on this bogus line:  ‘Well, sure, maybe Cruz and the Tea Party went too far, but it’s still President Obama’s fault.  He’s president.  He should negotiate with them.  He needs to lead.’

“President Obama is leading.  He is protecting the very rules that are the foundation of any healthy democracy.  He is leading by not giving into this blackmail, because if he did he would undermine the principle of majority rule that is the bedrock of our democracy.  That system guarantees the minority the right to be heard and to run for office and become the majority, but it also ensures that once voters have spoken, and their representatives have voted — and, if legally challenged, the Supreme Court has also ruled in their favor — the majority decision holds sway.  A minority of a minority which has lost every democratic means to secure its agenda, has no right to now threaten to tank our economy if its demands are not met.”  Italics in original.

We currently have one party that is promoting its ideology and another that is promoting its insanity.  Not good, people, not good.

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