About That Syria Vote…

So here’s the latest on the voting, and it’s not putting any smiles on West Wing faces.

In the Senate, Obama has 31 yes, 20 no, and 49 undecided.  He needs 60 yes votes for cloture.

In the House, Obama has 47 yes votes, 232 no votes, and 153 undecided.  So he’s lost the House.

Meanwhile, Kerry may promise there won’t be boots on the ground, but we definitely will have more of Kerry inserting his boot into his own mouth.  Apparently “thinking out loud” yet again and going off script, he suggested that Syria put its chemical weapons under international control, which led Putin and then the Syrians to chime in that that was a fantastic idea.  Ain’t gonna happen, of course, but it certainly muddies the waters for a strike.  Can’t anybody in the executive branch play this game?

I can’t see Russia from my house, but I certainly can hear Putin laughing.

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