We Could Have Been Done Here

Instead of just beginning an unnecessary fight at home, the President could have finished up his piddling, slap-on-the-wrist strikes on Syria today and headed off to Sweden and Petersburg tomorrow.

The country could have started to focus on the fast-approaching budget and debt ceiling deadlines.

If the President believed he had the authority to strike Syria (and he clearly does), he should have used it.  Especially because this Congress is the worst in my memory in terms of being jam packed with the crazy and the ignorant.  I mean, you have Tea Party congressmen arguing that a default would improve the credit rating of the United State.

You don’t rush to this Congress expecting a rational response, you do end runs around it.  The Tea Party these reps evoke isn’t Boston Harbor, it’s Alice in Wonderland.

I don’t feel sorry for Obama — he knows where the rabbit hole is, but instead of taking care not to fall down it, he’s jumped right into it.  And taken all of us with him.


6 comments on “We Could Have Been Done Here

  1. I like the move. The office of the President could stand to lose some of its power, since nearly every one of them has expanded it, and I love that a few days ago Congress was yelling that he needed approval and practically calling him a tyrant. Now, he’s turned the table on them and said, “Okay, I’ll play. Give me the approval.”

    And they’ll yet again prove in the clearest of terms that they just can’t stand the man. That they’re a bunch of spineless wimps and that literally a kindergarten class could do a better job.

    My only beef is I think Congress should have been called into an immediate, emergency session.

    • But now besides being stuck with the crazies on domestic policy, they’ll have undue influence on foreign affairs as well, with the Iranian nuclear showdown looming.

      • Frankly, I’m not exactly looking forward to the Iranian showdown, either. : )

      • No one is, but we can’t let them get nuclear weapons and begin the Sunni rush to join the nuclear club in response. In retrospect, don’t you wish we’d stopped Pakistan?

      • Hmmmm… I’m not sure we could have. Maybe we could have, but you could probably argue that nukes in Pakistan has already prevented lots of bloodshed with India.

        When folks have nukes, those border disputes seem a lot less important. : )

      • Or maybe they would have resolved their border dispute… I don’t see any upside whatsoever to Pakistan having nukes. WaPo had great story (based on Snowden leaks) on how much of our intelligence/counter-terrorism budget is devoted to our supposed ally Pakistan, especially stuff like trying to monitor their nukes.

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