Krugman — Obamacare Here to Stay

From “One Reform, Indivisible,” Paul Krugman, NYT:

“Start with the goal that almost everyone at least pretends to support:  giving Americans with pre-existing conditions access to health insurance.  Governments can, if they choose, require that insurance companies issue policies without regard to an individual’s medical history, ‘community rating,’ and some states, including New York, have done just that.  But we know what happens next:  many healthy people don’t buy insurance, leaving a relatively bad risk pool, leading to high premiums that drive out even more healthy people.

“To avoid this downward spiral, you need to induce healthy Americans to buy in; hence, the individual mandate, with a penalty for those who don’t purchase insurance.  Finally, since buying insurance could be a hardship for lower-income Americans, you need subsidies to make insurance affordable for all.

“Oh, there will be problems, especially in states where Republican governors and legislators are doing all they can to sabotage the implementation.  But the basic thrust of Obamacare is, as I’ve just explained, coherent and even fairly simple.  Moreover, all the early indications are that the law will, in fact, give millions of Americans who currently lack access to health insurance the coverage they need, while giving millions more a big break in their health care costs.  And because so many people will see clear benefits, health reform will prove irreversible.”

2 comments on “Krugman — Obamacare Here to Stay

  1. momshieb says:

    Which is why the right is foaming at the mouth to undo it ASAP. Even they realize that once it is implemented, it will be so logical and useful that it will be impossible to reverse.

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