But Did He Try the Cheese Steak?

John Adams comparing Boston and Philadelphia:

“Phyladelphia, with all its trade and wealth and regularity, is not Boston. The morals of our people are much better; their manners are more polite and agreeable… Our language is better, our taste is better, our persons are handsomer; our spirit is greater, our laws are wiser, our religion is better, our education is better. We exceed them in every thing, but in a market.”

Rebekah and Rupert and Lachlan and Andy

Gawker reports that emails involved in the upcoming British phone hacking trials will show that Rebekah Brooks slept with Rupert Murdoch, his son Lachlan, and Andy Coulson, her fellow News of the World editor who became David Cameron’s chief spokesman, but resigned in 2011 as the hacking scandal grew.

You’ll recall that the British press reported earlier this year that Cameron had been shocked by reports of an affair.  Supposedly, the Brooks-Coulson part of the story was that sex scandal.

For those of you keeping score at home, Rupert is 82, while Rebekah is 45, slightly older than his soon-to-be-ex Wendi Deng, who is 44.

Cashman to A-Rod — Go Ahead, Make My Day

“The MRI is the MRI. It’s fact.  You can’t change the results of an MRI. We’re very comfortable with it and if anybody wants to utilize the process in place with the union [file a grievance], go right ahead. It’s not something we’re afraid of.”

New York Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman on Alex Rodriguez’s claim that his quad is fine, and the Yankees are keeping him from playing.

Quote of the Day

“The Yankees would rather fly the Boston Red Sox’s World Series flags at Yankee Stadium than see Rodriguez step on the field again.

“The Yankees are disgusted by him. They want him out of their lives. And they want Major League Baseball to suspend Rodriguez into eternity.

“The Yankees no longer are concerning themselves with the race to win the American League East, but the race to see whether Commissioner Bud Selig can banish Rodriguez before he gets healthy.”

Bob Nightengale, USA Today

Weiner, Pick Up Your Ball(s) and Go Home

I’m tired of seeing Anthony Weiner called a narcissist, as if he’s merely self-centered.

The man’s an exhibitionist.  He’s like the perverts running around in raincoats exposing themselves to women.  The mayor of New York is supposed to protect his citizens from such sickos, he’s not supposed to be one himself.

Drop out, Anthony.  You’ve dropped your drawers too many times.

Questionable Quad

Believing that the Yankees don’t want him to play and just want to collect insurance on him, A-Rod got a second opinion on his quad and that doctor said he didn’t see an injury.

This is certainly not going to endear him to the Yankees — clearly it’s now all out war between A-Rod and his team and clearly it’s now all about money.

Meanwhile, everyone awaits MLB’s judgment on A-Rod and Biogenesis, and A-Rod’s response to it, whether he will settle or appeal.  We know the verdict will be harsher on him than on Ryan Braun’s 65-game suspension.

However many opinions A-Rod gets on that quad, he’s not going to be in the line-up tonight against the Rangers.  I still predict he will never be in the line-up again.