Quote of the Day 2

“I’m not surprised the jury didn’t convict Zimmerman of 2nd Degree Murder. I am surprised it doesn’t qualify as manslaughter. The law in Florida has some peculiarities which heavily favored Zimmerman. But this was a situation he created through actions that I don’t think anyone can credibly argue weren’t reckless and showing extremely poor judgment. If a kid who was literally minding his own business ends up dead as the result, it’s hard for me to see it as a just outcome if there’s no criminal culpability whatsoever.”

Josh Marshall, Talking Points Memo

This is how I feel too.

4 comments on “Quote of the Day 2

  1. momshieb says:

    Me, too. Sad night, for sure.
    I just keep thinking, though, that as long as we allow people to walk around with guns hidden in their pockets, these deaths are absolutely going to happen. If there had been no gun, that boy would be alive. If the gun had been out and visible, at the very least, he would have run away, and he’d be alive.
    Concealed weapons laws are the stupidest thing I can even imagine.

  2. I felt awful when Simpson was acquitted, and I feel awful now about Zimmerman.
    Zimmerman wasn’t a “lawfully installed” neighborhood watch person, he took it on himself, and he wasn’t an assistant to the police, he was a guy with a gun looking for trouble. He was told to stay in his car, the police were on their way. He had been rejected when he applied to become a police officer because he had been arrested for resisting arrest and for assaulting a police office and for having a restraining order against him with a former girlfriend whom he stalked. He was a not-very-bright guy with lousy grades and judgment and ambitions far beyond his abilities. Zimmerman’s frustration with his life led to Martin’s death.
    You don’t know that Zimmerman was crying out for help, you’ve just chosen to believe that.

    • Trayvon Martin was entitled to visit his own father, he had every bit as much of a right to be there as Zimmerman. Zimmerman appointed himself neighborhood watchman, he wasn’t “serving” his community, he was looking for trouble.
      What else did Martin do that evening except go out at half time for Skittles and a drink? He was minding his own business, heading home in the rain to watch the rest of the game. He wasn’t looking for trouble. There was no reason for Zimmerman to be suspicious of him other than Zimmerman’s own fevered imagination. He didn’t see Martin climbing out of a window or running away with a TV or computer or breaking into a car. He was walking home, unarmed, with his snack.
      Shame on you for calling Martin a punk.

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